Friday, June 22, 2012

Stop clockworkmod recovery from starting on boot

To solve this :

Uninstalled Boostrap/CWM, delete file .recovery_mode in /data,  reinstalled Bootstrap/CWM, Started Bootstrap/CWM, rebooted Bootstrap/CWM, reboot system, rebooted fine. Rebooted again.

Its works!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ByPass Android Activation

If you have multiple Android phones, you might now always want keep each device active. But that doesn't mean it's a paperweight. But resetting a phone brings you back to the pesky activation screen in many cases. Luckily you are able to bypass this so that you can access all the features within the phone, without having to actually activate it on your account. The diagram shows exactly how its done, but here's a simple breakdown.
  1. Tap top left hand corner
  2. Tap top right hand corner
  3. Tap bottom right hand corner (above grey banner)
  4. Tap bottom left hand corner (above grey banner)

Following these simple steps will allow you to skip the activation, and jump right back into using your device. The only downside to this is that usually upon rebooting the phone, you will have to do the same pattern, but that's only a small price to pay in comparison to the option of actually activating the device.

Semua tentang MOTOROLA Droid Pro

Seperti Biasa,
Saya tidak bertanggung jawab atas apapun yang terjadi pada perangkat anda setelah mengikuti panduan dibawah. " Do with your own risk "

Manual Installing OTA updates (root access tidak diperlukan):
1) Download file pendukung (2.3.3 Leaked Gingerbread atau 3.8.7 Froyo Update )
2) Rubah namanya menjadi: update dan tempatkan pada root di SD card
3) Boot ke recovery (Power+R+M)
4) Tekan @ symbol ketika dilayar terlihat Android + !
5) Pilih: install from SD Card
6) Reboot

 Enable USB Debugging dan "Unknown Sources" Apps
1) Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable Unknown Sources
2) Menu > Settings > Applications > Development> Enable USB Debugging

Root Droid Pro dengan SuperOneClick (Froyo)
1) Download dan unzip SuperOneClick
2) Jalankan driver utility
3) Enable USB debugging dan koneksikan Handphone anda
4) Click root dan biarkan program berjalan dengan semestinya
5) Reboot

Use ClockworkMod Recovery with your Droid Pro
1) Pada Handphone and yang sudah rooted, install the Droid 2 Boostrapper
2) Jalankan application, tekan Bootstrap Recovery (akses Superuser), kemudian Reboot Recovery
3) Anda akan reboot dalam mode CWM, dan memberikan kesempatan untuk create/restore backups dan flash .zip files
4) Perlu diingat bahwa sebagian ROM tidak memperbolehkan the Boostrapper. CM7, contohnya, hanya membolehkan anda buat reboot ke recovery melalui tombol power. The bootstrapper akan membuat anda memiliki SBF dengan CM7.

Flashing stock SBF file via RSD Lite
1) Download file SBF dan install RSD Lite ( link buat Gingerbread masih dalam process)
2) Install drivers yang terdapat pada zip file
3) Boot dalam keadaan FULLY CHARGED phone pada menu bootloader (Power+Vol Up+Vol Down) dalam keadaan off.
4) Start RSD Lite dan koneksikan Handphone anda
5) Tekan start
6) JANGAN pernah mencabut Handphone anda selama process

I'm Back !!!

... sorry for my absence in past 2 years. ...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Untangle gateway is the first open source solution in the world that are integrated to the problem of spam, spyware, viruses, adware and web content that does not want to look at your organization's computer network. A free solution and become the best alternative to other solutions are expensive or limited to specific vendor solutions.

Currently Untangle gateway (hereinafter abbreviated to Untangle) has been used by tens of thousands of business organizations from various industries, including financial services companies, housing, education, scientific institutions and others professional services.

Untangle issuing company based in the San Mateo, California. Untangle can be reached at:

Untangle, Inc.
2800 Campus Drive, Suite 100
San Mateo, CA 94403
U.S. Toll Free: +1.866.233.2296
International: +1.650.425.3300

Untangle provides integrated solutions that simplify and consolidate the security products needed by the network of an organization at the network gateway.

All applications on the Untangle has:

* Configured and can be directly executed
* Easy downloading to a rapid deployment process
* Guaranteed to be integrated and running smoothly on the Untangle Platform

Here is Untangle platform:

* Virtual-Pipelining Technology *)
* Dead simple install & uninstall app
* Customized Debian OS
* Common GUI for all apps

* Logging & Reporting
* Automatic software upgrades
* Automatic signature updates
* Foreign language packs (Beta)
* Adv.networking features
* Open Source & Free

Virtual-pipelining is a technology that allows multiple applications running on a PC with a latency or low processor requirements. Without this technology, every time you add a network application, you must add processor capabilities and still have the time required to process data over the network remains high. Online resources can be accessed at:

Applications or modules that can run on the Untangle platform consists of two types: type type free and paid.

If you are wondering why open source has a service that we pay, this is indeed a business model of open source companies. They provide a free solution, and to support the business, they also provide a paid professional services.

But do not be discouraged, free services offered are world-class service which is enough to overcome the common problems you face. Some of these services include:
* Web Filter
* Spam Blocker
* Spyware Blocker
* Protocol Control
* Virus Blocker
* Phish Blocker

* Intrusion Prevention
* Attack Blocker
* Firewall
* OpenVPN
* Reports
* Routing & QoS

Wow ... not enough?

Here is a paid service offered Untangle:

* Untangle Support
* AD Connector
* Policy Manager
* Branding Manager
* ESoft Web Filter
* Kaspersky Virus Blocker
* Commtouch Spam Booster
* PC Remote
* Remote Access Portal

If you need the above services, you can try it free for 14 days .... cool right?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to import the sample data to joomla 1.5 website

Open the directory installation->sql->mysql find the sample file data sample_data.sql.Open the file data sample_data.sql in your editor and edit the database table prefix. Use the Find and Replace command of your editor and enter #__ (hash double-underscore) in the Find field and jos_ in the Replace field and select Enter. Save the file ensuring this is done with UTF-8 NO BOM encoding only.

If you require the sample data to be installed to the database you must complete a further Import process. Select the Import tab in the PHPMyAdmin interface and browse to the renamed installation directory and select the sample_data.sql file
Once the file is selected from the browser click Go.
If all goes according to plan you will receive a confirmation message.
"Import has been successfully finished,210 queries executed"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Integrasikan Facebook dan Twitter ke Gmailmu

Setelah Launch Google Buzz, 2 Juta Buzz dalam 2 hari. Hingga Google Buzz menjadi sorotan dan fenomena yang baru. Banyak user yang mengajukan feedbacknya ke Google dari halaman Buzz yang panjang nggak bisa dilipat hingga integrasi ke social networking yg lain, Facebook dan Twitter. Soal Integrasi ini memang mesti dipertimbangkan.

Ternyata telah tersedia Gadget 3rd Party untuki Integrasi Facebook dan Twitter ke dalam Gmail kita. wow keren bukan. Untuk integrasi ini kita menambahkan Gadget 3rd party tersebut ke dalam Gmail kita.

Bagaimana Cara ?

1. Aktifkan "Add any gadget by URL" Gmail Labs

2. sekarang klik settings > Gadgets. Di sini Anda bisa menambahkan URLs Gadgetmu.

3. Add TwitterGadget App. copy dan paste URL ini “”

4. Add Facebook Gadget. copy dan paste URL ini “”

Gadget telah aktif di Gmail. Anda bisa menemukannya di sebelah kiri bawah. Login dan anda telah bisa menggunakannya :)

Semoga berguna, Mantabzz !!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Content Management System

CMS yang merupakan singkatan dari Content Management System yaitu sebuah aplikasi yang dikembangkan untuk memudahkan mengelola website (updating, maintenance) sehingga bisa dilakukan dengan efektif, efisien. untuk mengelola website agar di update tiap hari,jam bahkan tiap detik maka perlu rancangan website yang dinamis itulah namanya cms

Sistem manajemen konten (Inggris: content management System, disingkat CMS), adalah perangkat lunak yang memungkinkan seseorang untuk menambahkan dan/atau memanipulasi (mengubah) isi dari suatu situs Web.

Dari pengertian-pengertian diatas dapat saya simpulkan pengertian CMS adalah sebuah web instan yang dapat dikembangkan, dimanipulasi serta ditambah sebagian atau keseluruhan sehingga memudahkan untuk pengelolaan website.

Berikut beberapa contoh CMS:
1. Drupal
2. Joomla
3. Postnuke
4. Mambo
5. auracms

Mengapa menggunakan CMS?
Ada banyak alasan serta keuntungan menggunakan cms, apakah itu? diantaranya.
1. Relatif mudah digunakan, dikembangkan dan dipelajari
2. Tidak perlu waktu banyak untuk mengembangkan sebuah website
3. Template, modul serta komponen telah tersedia walapun perlu beberapa rekayasa sesuai dengan kebutuhan
4. Terdapat forum serta komunitas untuk berbagi
5. Keamanan relatif terjamin
6. Selalu ada update terbaru
7. Biasanya sudah menggunakan teknologi web terkini